Green Hosting and More

Green Hosting
All Websites designed and developed by Pretty Good Designs are hosted in an environment with premium benefits including performance tuned servers, automated site back-ups and green hosting.

With the interest in green technology comes an increased realization of the personal responsibility for clean and sustainable communities. At Pretty Good Designs, there is no exception to this movement. Not only are our servers performance tuned to provide a secure environment for content management systems with automated site back-ups scheduled twice daily and archived for 30 days for catastrophic recovery, but our hosting is green through carbon offsetting, reduced energy consumption, data center cooling improvements, and recycling and reducing wastefulness. We understand the products, tools, methodologies and services that can help better conserve resources, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Being green doesn't just stop with Websites. Whenever possible, Pretty Good Designs fulfills print projects on paper that is 100% recycled with soy based inks. We also will advise you on how to compose your print marketing material so it will have a longer shelf life.