Pretty Good Designs, LLC is the brainchild of Helen B. Nunley.

I am a self-taught content management system Web designer and developer utilizing open source solutions. I am a Beta tester for many online products such as Adobe® Kuler™, Cooliris™ Express and Web browser, and emerging Joomla!™ extensions and templates. I also voluntarily provide support to my creative peers through online forums.


I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.F.A. in Art History with emphasis in Studio Art and Cinematography, valedictorian. What does that mean? I took a lot of studio art courses and a lot of art history courses, mostly studying motion picture history, and I did very, very well. So, I wore clothes with paint spilled on them and went to the movies practically every day—and got credit for it. Sweet!

And I took all 3 of the only computer courses offered....

Then I went to graduate school and completed courses in Museum Studies while completing 4 Museum Internships and working at 2 Museums. I did everything from signature and painting style analysis and research (from which I am published), to designing a traveling exhibit and executing and implementing a slide show (remember those?) for a museum tour introduction. What does that mean? I stayed very, very busy interweaving my art and art history background.

And I bought a Vic-20, the first home computer on the market....

In 1999, I headed the Y2K project for the Art Museum of Western Virginia which involved a complete network overhaul and hardware purchase. It was either that or plan a January 2000 ski trip!

And I took graphic communications courses at Virginia Western Community College....

From 2000-2007, I worked with The Arts Council of the Blue Ridge as their Computer Goddess and their Graphic and Web Designer extraordinaire. Left and right brain unite!

And I bought my 9th computer....

In 2001, I began taking on clients for my own personal business. ... The "art"of entrepreneurship!

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