Custom Websites
Custom Websites built to leverage you and your company to a positional advantage in your industry. Using both dynamic code and content, your Website can be a more effective and efficient form of advertising.

Websites are your best investment in self-marketing. They are quickly replacing all forms of print material because changes can be made easily and on-the-fly. Information can always be kept current no matter how often it changes. What a great marketing tool for you. What a great resource for your potential customers.

Artistic Design

There are three important parts that can make or break a good Website:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Detail

Not one area can exist without the other and all should compliment one another.

Pretty Good Designs creates stunning Websites with logical navigation; using components that are customized to work with your content and in all popular Internet browsers; and attentively maximizes your information to reach the largest target audience possible.

Websites today do not need to look flat. That was so yesterday! Web design can have layers of interest that can include transparencies, exciting multimedia integration and engaging user participation.

Whether you need a business site, a blog or an ecommerce site, your Website should also include the three basic elements to insure the best representation of you and your business to the global market. And guess what? Pretty Good Designs can help you get there.

Content Management System

With our rapidly changing life comes the demand for updated material and this will be in your control with our custom Websites. We use Web content management, a form of a Content Management System (CMS), so that edits and additions can be made by anyone with no prior programming experience. If you can format documents in a word processor, you can update your own site!

Joomla!™ is our CMS of choice. While Wordpress is generally reserved for Blogs, Joomla!™ is a system which includes features such as RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, website searching, and language internationalization. With thousands of plugins, modules and components available, Joomla!™ is a powerful platform for building a rich Website for you and your business.

Blogs, eCommerce and Social Media Networks

So much to do! So many ways to do it!

With a custom Website built with CMS, now it is easier and faster to do it all. You can create blog entries, have an online store and link into your social media network with careful planning and programming. Pretty Good Designs can help you reach a wider market with less effort so you have time to tend to business. After all, that is our business. Let us help you maximize your impact in today's market.

Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

In order to have the best Website you can have, you need to have well written content for the Internet. This is very different than writing for print. Simply put, an Internet audience reads Websites differently than they read print material. Search engines have specially crafted algorithms to find and rank sites based on this content, and anaytics to report and measure the effectiveness of both.

Pretty Good Designs provides content writing services to maximize your Website's marketing success. This carefully composed and constructed content and special programming works together with search engine optimization and submittal to get you and your business Website noticed by your target audience. Easy analytic access powered by Google Analytics™ is also provided so you can measure the effectiveness of your site and your special campaigns.